Woodworking Tools

Basic wood working tools professional and hobby woodworkers need

The functionality of tools used to work with wood has not changed much over time. Woodworkers still use a very basic set of tools.  They are absolutely necessary to perform any wood work.

The biggest difference between then and now is that modern wood working tools are made from superior materials. Many are also no longer manual tools but are electric power tools. That’s progress most woodworkers are welcoming.

Nevertheless, woodworkers still face the same basic tasks in their endeavors:

  • Selecting the wooden raw materials
  • Measuring whether they are straight and true
  • Smoothing the raw wood
  • Measuring sizes
  • Cutting
  • Fitting
  • Joining the pieces.

Each step of the way has some tools that are necessary for its successful completion.

  • Measuring tools: Tape measure of around 16 feet in length,
    longer ones are too heavy and hard to handle, and a combination square.
    Both should use the same scale for comparison purposes.
  • Drilling tools: We call them electric drills. Most of us
    know and have them as cordless drills. They are very versatile tools. Not
    only as wood working tools but also as an indispensable tool for metal
  • Finishing tools: After all this cutting and drilling we
    somehow need to finish our handiwork. To do so, woodworkers use raps,
    sanders, planes (block plane), files, and powered random orbit sanders.
  • Joinery tools: Are used to join together the various
    pieces of your masterpiece. Nails are the simplest joining tool;  pocket hole jig and biscuit
    joiner  are for perfectionists and advanced

Woodworking is enjoyable, and good tools make it more fun.